gaming sleeve-gamer sleeve-esports sleeve


A couple years ago when I was looking to get a sleeve for myself I was disappointed with the design options. As a gamer I didn't want some basic black or white sleeve. I wanted something that looked cool and had sick names, similar to weapon camos in games. Hence, Gamer Sleeve was born.

gaming sleeve-gamer sleeve-esports sleeve
gaming sleeve-gamer sleeve-esports sleeve


Although we may look like a structured corporate brand, we are in fact the furthest thing from it. I run the entire company by myself and make the sleeves in my basement. I set out to make GS in the hopes of getting resume experience to land a job in the gaming and esports industry. But, instead of working for someone else I now focus on Gamer Sleeve full time! It is as fun and difficult as you'd imagine 😅

- Bradley

Founder and Owner


We have a platform with a big audience, so why not use it to help people 😄